Cabbies speak out against Uber

With the latest High Court ruling giving Uber drivers more rights than ever, it seems there has never been a better time to work for the app.

For the drivers of London’s famous black cabs, on the other hand, the news is just going from bad to worse.

Earlier this month thousands of cabbies blocked the streets of London in protest at a perceived lack of effort from TfL in combating the lack of regulation of Uber drivers.

Not only this, a new study by showed that cabs were significantly more expensive than Ubers, particularly during long trips. (see below)

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.11.40.png

In terms of what they can offer the public though, the cabs still have a couple of tricks up their sleeve.

Firstly, cabs are generally considered to be much safer than Ubers not only because of the stringent checks that the drivers have to take, but also purely in their knowledge and attitude towards driving.

Secondly, they are part of the fabric of London culture and would be widely missed. Their appeal is universal and their staple looks are known and recognised by tourists all over the world. Surely there would be something missing if they were to go?

I spoke to a few cab drivers and members of the public to see what they thought about the rise of Uber and where they saw the future of the black cab going.

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