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Aberdeen IFA takes assets to £250m with acquisition

My sixth article for Citywire on the subject of McHardy Financial’s takeover of the Fraser James Partnership.

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IFA launches website in fight against pension cold calls

This article was on the subject of a petition to try and get the government to crack down on pension scams.

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Turning points: advisers reveal their best business decisons

For this article I interviewed several financial advisers and senior financial figures and got them to share the best business decisions they ever made.

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Uber ruling paves way for more workplace pension savers

Acting upon the news of the Uber tribunal which ruled that drivers had moved from being ‘self-employed’ to ’employed’ I wrote this piece to highlight the pension benefits that the ruling would give them.

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How to have a good relationship with the FCA

For this piece I had to interview several financial advisers and get their thoughts on how to best manage a relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority.

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From FCA to FTSE firms: chief exec’s pay packets

I researched the salaries of several financial officials for this article and put them together in a gallery. I also collated their previous salaries so that I could show them together for contrast.

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